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I AM Behind you- Workshop Series

Topics based on women and children's needs and emerging issues. The focus of these workshop is to enhance knowledge on the education topics presented and increase overall community resources awareness and accessibility. We provide women with information on various topics and coping strategies that allows them to crease health relationships. Please see list of upcoming workshops and dates: Oct 5th- Change your thoughts Nov 2nd- Change your reality Dec- Make Holidays as beautiful as you can.

Community Events – Ernestines

Community Events are created and lead by you. They can be campaigns or fundraiser with your friends, neighbours, co-workers or family.

CanadaHelps - Donate to any charity in Canada

A one-stop shop for Canadians to donate and fundraise online for any registered Canadian charity. A complete online fundraising solution for charities.

I am behind you supports and stands behind : Aim For Seva

In 2016, we sponsored a child for $500 that allowed the child to sustain one year towards his education, food and clothing. In September 2017, we proudly expanded our support towards "Aim 365" sponsorship that will support 760 kids for one day. Please visit the website to sponsor a child and promote, inspire and help kids get educated.

Fundraiser- Support Women and Children at the Shelter

I am Behind you works with shelters in GTA to run campaigns with our network to raise funds. In April 2017, we raised over $2000 that was donated to Ernestine's Women's Shelter. Funds were used towards the following:

1. Provide a safe haven to shelter women and her children fleeing from abuse with room and meals

2. Staff our 24-hour emergency crisis line to advise and support women and children at varying points of need and develop safety plans

3. Counsel and support women dealing with abuse and provide transitional services to secure independent and safe housing and living arrangements.

4. Provide specialized counselling for children and youth who have witnessed violence.

5. Advocate, educate, and connect within the Rexdale community to build awareness on issue of violence against women and what support is available.

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

October 3, 2017 - 16:00

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter provides support,counselling, and emergency shelter for women and children escaping violence.