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Vannu Gandhi

Founder & Proud Mentor

Vannu Gandhi is the Founder & Proud Mentor who values contributing and giving it back to the community. Vannu brings over 20 years of leadership experience with an intensive background in Technology, Software Services and Organizational health. She holds a BBA and a Master degree in Information Management from York University.

Message from Vannu: "I am much fulfilled with a very rewarding career, family, and all factors in my life that importance of giving has become a top priority. I know, when you give universe finds a way to replenish and reward you with all you desire. Together, let’s work to end violence against women, men and children!"

Monica Kapur

Proud Mentor

Monica Kapur has been a lifelong seeker for the deeper meaning of life beyond the material forms and the world that is visible to us. She was inspired to write her first book, Taste of Heaven, after a profound awakening to divine love in 2008. Her background includes a business degree with a major in accounting from York University and a bachelor of education from the University of Toronto. She is currently working on her next book, titled From Fear to Love.

Monica is a part of the I am behind you network because she is passionate and committed to helping people shift their negative emotions through the conscious choice of positive thoughts. As she touches the lives of others, she feels indescribable joy and happiness.


Proud Mentor

Nina Ganguli: author, speaker,  coach and I CAN life leader; with over 20 years experience in corporate performance, results analysis and strategic leadership. She has the ability to take you from where you are now to where you want to be, through her personal coaching  and online self development services.


Proud Mentor

Rohit heads Sevonia - A boutique agency that has been providing digital marketing services for the last 21 years. Well, that's what he does for
a living anyway. That's not what he is.
He's a Buddhist by nature, and believes that every person on Earth is the same. We all share the same perspectives, aspirations, problems and

He tries to live his life by the quote - "I gave my life to be the person I am today. Was it worth it?"

Kavita Singh

Proud Mentor

Kavita Singh has always been an avid listener and helper since younger days- listening to people’s issues; life stories and trying to help them in every way; find solutions for them, find resources for them, inspire them towards positivity; towards being their best version of themselves; towards not giving up in life; reminding them they have support; giving them faith; help them find answers to their issues, problems and gently guiding them to keep them on the right path. Her background includes MBA and CMA(certified management accountant) degrees. Spiritually, she does high powered meditations and follows the spiritual path guided and directed by her Guru(who has been awarded Doctors degree from Howard). She is also a TV show host of a breakfast Television show where she brings guests from all walks of life to give tips, knowledge and relevant information to viewers.


Shivani-Volunteer and Fundraiser Coordinator, 

Shivani graduated with a double major in Communication Studies and Sociology from York University.   Her choice of education stemmed from her keen interest in the study of societies/cultural norms.  She has always been intrigued by how individuals within different societies gather and process information and in turn socially interact among each other. Shivani leads a rewarding life married, raising two handsome boys and flourishing in a career in Insurance.  

She feels blessed to help others and privileged to be given the opportunity to work with 'I AM BEHIND YOU' as a volunteer member.  


Coach, Empower and Embrace through various programs and services offered to women, children
and men to help drive social changes through mentoring and advocacy.

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